Valentines Day, Already!


Valentine’s Day is here. February is the month of LOVE. I will let you in on a little secret, I do not Love Valentine’s Day.  WalMart has once again vomited red and pink balloons in every aisle. People are pushing and shoving to grab the last pack of their favorite character valentines. Argh! My smile eludes me as I turn the corner as four million stuffed animals are lying all over the floor.

Check Please!

Oh my… I cannot bear to see any more tiny red cactuses, miniature tulips or mylar balloons. Ugh. I am overwhelmed with to-do lists. But just wait everything will be half off tomorrow and Easter will be draped in every aisle. 

Don’t forget the valentines! Twenty per child times three, candy times twenty times three and teacher gifts. “Mommy, you can’t buy candy with gluten?” “Does candy have gluten in it?” As I am standing there waiting to check out, I read the box of Valentines. Conveniently, sixteen per box and eighteen in a class. Of course, another plot to try to make the consumer spend more money. Ha, well the last laugh is on you because I am not buying extra. My kids can handwrite the rest of their valentines!!! I am now convinced this holiday wants to add stress to mothers.

But, let’s not forget the boyfriends and husbands who are constantly compared to the guy who does it better. That creative guy who drips candle wax in the shape of the first place they met. He has generously handpicked roses (I think he grew them) and scattered them across the floor as he is down on one knee with an engagement ring from Zale’s. (Fairytale Syndrome)

“Thank you hunny, I love Mylar balloon and my mini red cactus from WalMart.” 

Cheesiness is in the air. As I scroll through Facebook I see the love on the screen. EVERYWHERE! Those who profess their undying passion for one another, their Godly love, their longevity. But what I really want to hear people say is sometimes I want to leave, sometimes I am so angry at you, but this is hard work.

Could this be me talking? I am usually so optimistic. Why just a day to show love, shouldn’t we show love every day.

I went to my room and just sat by myself for twenty minutes of God and chocolate. As I walked outside, I saw that my husband cleaned all of the spilled goldfish and crumbs out of the back of my van. (Godwink)

That was my Godwink for the day. And I winked back. “I know, I hear what you are telling me.” Be still and listen. It is not about the day or the balloons, it is about Loving God first. Now go share that love with others.

“Let all that you do be done in Love.” 1 Corinthians 16:24

I really do Love “Love” so I want to try to celebrate the Month of Love without gifts. There has to be something I can do to enjoy the love without Fifty Shades of Mylar. 

Give Love: God is Love and he wants us to give our time and talents to help others. It is important to talk to my kids about how we give love to one another and some ways we can be more loving people this month.

Code Name/ Word: We made a special code name or word that means “I Love You” with each child. It can also be a hand symbol. This way everyone has their own unique way to signal to mom, dad or their siblings. (If you see a lot of dabbing going on you know a lot of love is in the air.)

Listen: I have promised to put my phone down when my kids are talking. This is going to be a difficult one. When they are telling me about their day, I will focus on them and listen. I know my kids feel more loved when I give them full attention. An offer to cuddle at night won’t be turned down this month.

Love Jar: We are creating a family “Love Jar”. The jar will be filled with positive affirmations about other family members throughout the year. Special events or fun times can be shared. At the end of the year all of the thoughts are shared. I am excited about this one.

Say It: There is not a night that goes by when I don’t say I Love You to my husband or my children. But it is hard to find a moment to pull someone aside to just say “You look so pretty today.” and “I love you.” I am going to try to find a few more of these with each one of my kids.

Whether or not you love Valentine’s Day or hate Valentine’s Day because of what it represents to you, I’m sure you too can find a reason to celebrate it. My kids are totally pumped about giving out Valentines and that makes it all worth it. I think I may even bring some cookies to the class party.

A blog on Valentine’s Day from a Mom who can have a rough day, but when she sees her kids and hubby smile everything gets better. XOXO