Cotton Fields

For the past few weeks I have been intrigued by watching the Cotton fields turn from tiny green plants to fields of white.  My children have also been in awe.  “Can we feel it, can we touch it?”  Coming from western Pennsylvania I am used to having a blanket of snow on the ground this time of year.  Seeing the cotton cover the field like a white blanket made me miss home.  I could see the the fields go for miles.  For one moment I could see all of us on our sleds sliding through the fields of cotton!  What fun… The kids have their piece and now we have learned something else from living in Alabama.



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I have been blessed with a loving and supportive husband. We have three spunky and smart children. My oldest Sophia is ten. Benjamin and Natalee are 7 year old twins. I also have three stepchildren who are now in college and out starting their paths as young adults. I call home Johnstown, Pennsylvania although I lived in Roanoke Virginia for some time as well. Home is now further south in Florence, Alabama. In my free time I love to kayak, be outdoors and spend time with family and friends. I am unsure of what direction this blog will take, although God has laid it on my heart to share my story. After being severely burned as a child I now have the gift to share my experiences. You will hear about moments of sadness, pain and how joy has filled my life. I hope you will share this journey of self discovery with me.

One thought on “Cotton Fields”

  1. Woah! This was so touching. I can remember feeling exactly how you felt hearing negative words from a loved one knowing not how to respond. When I look at your photo I see a strong beautiful woman of the ALMIGHTY GOD. May he continue to wrap his loving arms around you and your family. Thank you for this beautiful post.


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